Help & FAQ

What are the forums?

The forums are friendly, interactive discussion areas where members can ask for and share their opinions, advice and experiences as patients or doctors. You can get a lot of great advice in the forums, however keep in mind that any information and advice offered by other members should be taken with a dose of common sense and treated as a starting point for your medical research. Forums are for health-related discussions only. They must be Family-friendly and therefore no objectionable language or images are allowed. Posts on forums have to be non threatening, authentic and original.

Be sure to keep your posts on topic. They should not include:

  • Complaints about decisions made by DrSocial's editors and moderators.
  • Searches for employment, offers of employment, people searches (looking for a long-lost friend or relative for example) or genealogical research.
  • Calls for boycott of any destination or social commentary, political debates, and religious discussions.
  • Petitions or calls for government action in local politics or criminal investigations.
  • Personal ads and questions or advice on finding dates or sexual partners.
  • Multiple messages containing identical or nearly identical text. This is considered spam and when we discover it, we will remove all copies.
  • It's OK to ask for advice, but please don't conduct business on the forums.

What the forums are not?

The forums are not platforms for starting a social movement, or areas to advertise your business. Advertising and solicitation are strictly prohibited. They are also not places to be mean -- while it is easy to feel anonymous communicating from the relative obscurity of a computer screen and keyboard, peoples' opinions and beliefs are real. Please be civil and post respectfully to avoid unnecessary arguments and to keep our forum moderators from having to get involved.

In general, the forums are also not the appropriate venue for reviews. To add a review about a doctor you've been visited/healed by, use our Write a review form.

How do I post to a forum?

Go to the DrSocial forum page and select a forum to view, or select a pathology you're interested in to find the most appropriate forum. When you've found a forum you'd like to contribute to, you can either post a new topic or reply to an existing topic. If you want to participate in an existing topic, first click into the topic, then click Post Reply. If you want to reply to an existing post click Quote to the relevant post, write your reply and then click Post Reply.

Do I need to register to post to forums?

You don't need to become a member to browse forum postings. However, to post a new topic or reply to a post, you'll need to create a free account.

What is private messaging?

Private messaging is a DrSocial feature that allows members to connect one-on-one so they can ask questions and share health advice. Members who write reviews usually want to help, so don't be shy about asking someone for more information about a review or forum topic they posted.

How can I send a private message to someone?

If you want to contact a member and are looking at their review: Click the member's screen name next to their review or post. In the window that appears, click the Send a message link. Type your message and the verification text in the appropriate fields, and click the Send Message button. You can also send someone a private message from their profile page. Just click the Send Message link on the left-hand side of the page. Note: Private messaging is enabled automatically when you create a DrSocial account. If you don’t see Send Message on the profile page, the member has disabled the messaging feature.

Where to find messages you sent and received

You can find all of your private message activity in the Messages section of your profile. When you have a new message, an indication will appear in bold at the top of all DrSocial pages (provided you are signed into your DrSocial account). For your privacy, private messages are not visible in your public profile. If you receive an e-mail from DrSocial notifying you of a new private message, but you don't see the message in your Messages inbox, it is because we occasionally remove messages from member inboxes when we get complaints about abuse of our private messaging feature, including messages containing inappropriate content, advertising, and spam. We remove these messages to minimize unnecessary exposure of such material to our members. However, we were unable to retract the email notification that you received, as notifications usually go out immediately after the message was sent.

Will I be notified if you change or remove a post of mine?

The DrSocial forums are open, moderated areas for discussion, and we reserve the right to remove or move any post, topic or forum on DrSocial for any reason. In addition, our community of patients and doctors can report any post as inappropriate if it does not meet our guidelines. Each such report counts toward the removal of the offending post and will be reviewed by a moderator, who may need to research the situation in greater depth. If one of your posts is removed, we will unfortunately not be able to notify you.

Does it cost anything to join the DrSocial forums?

No it’s free.

Why can't I sign in to forums?

If you are having trouble signing in, it may be because your web browser isn't set up to accept "cookies" - which keep track of your user name and password. In order to sign in, you must enable cookies. You can do this in your web browser. Each browser has a slightly different way of enabling cookies, and you can usually find instructions by going to your browser's Help section. Once you enable cookies, restart your browser and attempt to sign into your DrSocial account. The other cause could be that DrSocial is blocked by your virus software, your browser or your ISP. Check your settings and add to your safe list. The last cause could be Facebook. Sign out of Facebook and then try again.

How do I change my Member Profile?

You only have to sign in to your account click on My Profile and click on Edit My Profile.

How does your donation for Sign ups work?

DrSocial is donating $1.00 to medical research associations for every sign up received. This is our way to say thank you for joining our community. Our admin panel displays the number of users signing up every day. At the end of the month we count the number of sign ups recieved and donate the equivalent amount to an association. For example: If we collect 1500 sign ups during the month of January, on the 31st we announce the number of sign ups and the association that will receive funds. On the same day we will make the payment of $1500 to the associaton selected.

Does DrSocial have access to the password I pick?

No, only you have access to it. Your password is confidential and we cannot access it.

How often will I receive an e-mail from DrSocial?

Our standard procedure is based on an average of one e-mail per month. Occasionally you will receive a maximum of one e-mail per week if there are health news that we believe are relevant to you.