Best US Doctors and Charity Fundings

DrSocial strongly believes that our evaluation site enhances the productivity and the quality of service of medical care.
Our Marketing Development Department is contacting all US Medical Universities asking them to send documentation of new and ongoing medical research projects that need funding. Also we are interested in funding projects related to improvement of healthcare structures especially in disadvantaged areas.
We will post on this page descriptions of the various projects and every user can vote for the research project that is more meritorious.
At the end of each fiscal year we will display the shortlist of the most voted projects.

Thanks to your reviews, every year we will also be able to show the rank of the best doctors and award the best doctor in USA.
The winner and the top ranked doctors will be entitled to decide how to spend the money price among the most voted projects.
The money price that will be awarded will be in the amount of 10% of the net profits of DrSocial .

Therefore if you are representing a healthcare structure or a research lab or a University, please feel free to send us your projects at the following e-mail account:

Projects must contain a brief description, the amount of funding needed and a link where the user can have a full view of the project.

If you are a DrSocial registered user you can vote by clicking the vote button next to the project.

Lets create a better healthcare system together.

Projects USA

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