About Dr Social:

DrSocial® is the world's most advanced site for medical reviews, enabling patients to plan and obtain the perfect medical visit. DrSocial offers advice from real patients.

The founder, Dr. Niccolò Trentanove, was perusing the internet in 2011 to find a pediatrician for his children. He wanted to find a caregiver who was: (1) a physician with highly regarded credentials; (2) an expert in his children’s specific medical conditions; (3) a pediatrician who provided excellent outcomes according to both patients and the clinic; and (4) the doctor had to be kind.

Dr. Trentanove identified that none of the websites provided him with enough information to entrust his child’s health to the physicians with the expectation of excellent treatment. In addition, he noted a high prevalnce of significant bias in the physician evaluations.

Dr. Trentanove envisioned a website that would amalgamate all of the aforementioned components, permitting planning of the perfect doctor visit. He envisioned a community where patients are able to find doctors and read high-quality, descriptive information about them. Dr. Trentanove envisioned that this website, DrSocial.org, would fund and improve healthcare while facilitating the excellent provision of it. DrSocial.org has been founded on the principles of improving the doctor-patient relationship and helping find cures and better treatments for diseases.

At DrSocial, our mission is to:
(1) Help patients plan the perfect physician visit and ultimately improve patient outcomes as measured by multiple domains across multiple specialties.
(2) Improve the patient-physician experience through improved coordination of care. This will begin before the doctor visit and continue after the visit.
(3) Create a sustainable healthcare environment with aims to help find a cure and better treatments for diseases. Create a sustainable healthcare system by funding medical research.

We achieve these goals:
1. We will help patients find expert physicians through our review system. We offer patients valuable health information prior to their physician visit.
2. By promoting a website that allows the health community to have constructive feedback that is supplemented with valuable health information. We ask that patients post their reviews using an online identifier. Doctors will have the opportunity to provide a polite reply to the reviews through public and/or private messaging. The private reply will be facilitated by providing the healthcare provider with means to send a message directly to the reviewer’s online identifier. For all matters pertaining to physicain reviews, the patient’s name will not be utilized, but only the online identifier. In no case will the online identity of any patient be permitted to be disclosed to the physician or any third party. If an online identity is demanded by a law enforcement authority, the information will not be disclosed by staff, but the matter will be referred to legal counsel.
3. We will further improve the experience by providing valuable health information prior to visits with the physician.
4. DrSocial is unique in that our company funds medical research by transforming the concept of revenue generation from that of advertisement-driven patient engagement to that of spontaneous fundraising. We achieve the transformation of the standard business model to that of community-driven, sustainable healthcare through two steps:
STEP 1: We find partners that are affiliated with medical research associations or university departments who are willing to promote our services and share our vision. 
STEP 2: We sign an agreement with the association and we donate $1.00 to the association for each person they refer that signs up on our website.

Referral from the university or research institute will be attributed to them through URL hyperlink analytics. Thus if someone visits the university, clicks on the DrSocial link, and then registers, we will register that and pay one dollar to the respective referrer.

Patients will also have the opportunity to inform us in writing through E-mail that they were referred from the organization. This might occur when a patient who attends the university clinic, identifies a DrSocial flier, and then signs up later from there. The university will still receive attributable funding from DrSocial.

When a patient registers with our website without referral by a research organization, DrSocial donates $1.00 to a research organization selected by our team. The research donations are routinely made at the end of the month.

We also have an additional tool, Best Doctor USA, which improves medical research by permitting the best doctors to determine where our donations are directed. Please visit the dedicated page for additional information.

DrSocial is unique because it is developed on the principle of fundraising for medical research, not advertisement-driven engagement. DrSocial will remain a free website where patients can find a good doctor, learn about medical conditions and help fund medical research.

Dr. Trentanove has led DrSocial from an idealistic representation of the perfect healthcare system to a multi-disciplinary patient-advocate team that is partnering with communities to help transform healthcare for themselves, their children, and future generations.

Dr. Niccolò Trentanove is an Italian native and received his dentist degree from the University of Florence with the highest marks. After completing medical school, he undertook a rigorous and prestigious residency in dental clinic and surgery at the Careggi Florence Hospital. During Dr. Trentanove’s three years of training, he gained broad clinical experience with significant exposure to trauma and TMJ disease conditions.

Dr. Trentanove then became a research fellow at the University of Florence. During this time, he participated in several research projects, which led to presentations in national and international meetings as well as publications.

Currently he is an assistant professor at the Board of Clinical Dental Pathology at the University of Florence. He also works in his private practice and is part of the local community with his wife, Jana, and his three kids, Mattia, Oliver and Morgan.

Our Team

DrSocial is divided into 5 different business areas:

Reviews department: a dedicated branch of the company focussed on reading and approving patient reviews and doctor responses. The team is overlooked by our medical staff

Registration and Customer care department: this part of the company follows registration approval and customer assistance

Marketing Development Department: Our marketing office is in constant contact with the top university medical programs in order to receive documentation for research projects that will be funded by DrSocial using our Best Doctor USA program. This area of the business also engages in partnerships with relevant companies in the health care field.

If you are interested in becoming a DrSocial affiliate, or for more information about us, please contact our staff at the following e-mail address: accounts@drsocial.org

If you have questions on our e-commerce plan or our marketing plan send an e-mail to: info@drsocial.org

Admin Department: This office is occupied with jobs requests, legal issues and administrative documents.

If you are interested in forwarding your resume please send it to: admin@drsocial.org

If you have any legal documents to send please forward them to: legal@drsocial.org

Forum moderation: In order to maintain forum pages that are corteous and relevant to the discussion topic, our moderation office supervises the forum area to guarantee the maximum level of quality in terms of content.

Specialty Doctors
Our database is populated with a wide range of doctors specialized in various medical fields. In order to facilitate your search we have listed the ones available at this time on DrSocial. If you are a doctor and your specialty is not available on the system please contact us and we will add it to our database.

To see a complete list of currently supported specialties please click here

Abortion Information & Services
Adult Care Facilities
Aids Information & Testing
Alcohol/drug Abuse
Allergy & Immunology
Alternative Medicine
Biofeedback Therapists
Birth Centers
Blood Banks & Centers
Colonic Irrigation
Cosmetic Surgery
Critical Care Medicine
Degenerative Diseases
Dental Assistant
Dental practice
Dental Public Health
Dental Research
Dental Sterilization Aide
Dental Surgery
Dentist - Cosmetic
Dentist - Implantology
Dentist - Orthodontists
Dentist - Pediatrics
Dentist - Periodontists
Dentist - Prosthodontists
Emergency Medicine
Endodontists (root Canals)
Eye Doctor
Family dentist
General Hospital
General physician
General physician assistant
Holistic Practitioners
Infectious Disease
Insurance-medical Examinations
Internal Medicine
Legal Medicine
Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Medical Centers and Clinics
Medical Laboratory
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mental Health Services
Neonatal-perinatal Medicine
Nursing & Convalescent Homes
Occupational Medicine
Oxygen Therapy Equipment
Pain Control
Pediatric Cardiology
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Pediatric Emergency Medicine-pediatrics
Pediatric Gastroenterology
Pediatric Hematology-oncology
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Pediatric Ophthalmology
Pediatric Optometrist
Pediatric Otolaryngology
Pediatric Surgery
Pediatrics - Internal Medicine
Pediatrics Orthopedics
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Lab Researchers
Professor Post Doctorate Student Other University Personnel
Psychiatry Child & Adolescent
Radiation Oncology
Radiology - Mammograph
Reconstructive Orthopedics
Reproductive Endocrinology And Infertility
Sleep Medicine
Specialty Hospital
Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Speech Therapists
Sports Medicine
Surgery - Ambulatory
Surgery - Colon And Rectal
Surgery - Dermatologic
Surgery - Eyes
Surgery - General
Surgery - hand
Surgery - Industrial
Surgery - Neurological
Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial
Surgery - Orthopedic
Surgery - Plastic
Surgery - Thoracic
Surgery - Trauma
Surgery - Urological
Surgery - Vascular
Surgical Centers
Surgical Oncology
Vascular & Interventional Radiology

What we don't do

DrSocial is not a medical agency. We do not make appointments for you with a doctor. Although we try to give as much information as possible on doctors listed here, we do not represent them or the hospitals or private clinics they may be associated with them. Therefore, we cannot make any reservations on your behalf and we cannot supply any additional information besides what is already available on the website.

If you have questions regarding your reservation please contact your doctor.

If you need directions, please contact your doctor/hospital/private clinic.

Be aware: if you are looking for a job in a private clinic or hospital, please contact them directly. DrSocial does not forward resumes to third parties.

If you have a question or you want to report a problem with our website please use our on-line form in the Contact Us section.