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Epocrates Bugs + Drugs - app for healthcare providers

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    February 15, 2014 2:47:04 PM PST

    (1) App iOS:

    (2) Cost: Free

    (3) Innovation: This pap provides bacterial susceptibility results based on location. Simply download this app on an iPhone, permit it to access your location, and then you can have location-specific culture results. This continually updated information is a feature that makes this app unique.

    (4) Description: Epocrates Bugs + Drugs is a free antimicrobial susceptibility reference that provides geolocated bacterial resistance data to support clinical decision-making at the point of care. Historically, this information is gathered from hospital in-patient data. This app goes beyond the hospital setting and helps clinicians identify superbugs in areas their patients live by incorporating lab data from over 15 million patient records sourced from athenahealth¹s cloud-based EHR.
    source: iTunes

    The app is innovative and useful in a clinic when treating a patient who has a bacterium, and is especially useful when full susceptibility testing of the bacteria is not yet completed.

    BrettMD's rating = 5 stars

    Treating bacteria in Missouri may not follow the same recommendations as treating the same bacterial Genus species when identified in Massachusetts and this app can help personalize treatment.

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