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Ankle Pain

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    November 18, 2014 9:38:46 PM PST


    I finally got some kind of answer on my ankle with an MRI. 

    "There is an ossicle at the lateral margin of the calcaneocuboid

    articulation which measures 8 x 3 mm in size which is
    partially extending into the extensor digitorum muscle at
    the margin of the calcaneocuboid articulation."


    "Impression: Accessory ossicle versus sequela of old trauma

    at the lateral calcaneocuboid articulation. Minimal
    degenerative change of the calcaneocuboid articulation is
    also appreciated. There is mild edema in the extensor
    digitorum musculature."


    As for my other symptoms, lyme came back negative, lupus negative, they are thinking fibromyalgia.

    From what I see in my body is that my ligaments are so loose that my bones aren't staying in proper alignment and clipping off of eachother in painful ways.

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    November 19, 2014 10:48:52 AM PST
    Greetings Torven, thank you for the update. We had discussed this, and I really appreciate you sharing the update, it help complete the circle of knowledge about a health condition, and gives a broader perspective of the journey people go through as they go they often travel to multiple locations and at each place a bit more information is added allowing the best diagnosis and treatment. Acute problems, of course are dealt with much more quickly

    1. How did you get the results? Did your primary care physician give you the results?

    2. Are you going to see an orthopedic surgeon?

    3. Has there been any changes or problems in the ganglion cyst.

    4. I do not know, and I wonder if the two are related. It may be impossible to find out.

    Please consider keeping me updated.
    Kind regards,
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    November 19, 2014 10:57:19 AM PST
    I mentioned the ganglion cyst because they can cause surrounding inflammation. I cases where people have had a Ganglion cyst that was aspirated again and again there is inflammation (tissue healing) for prolonged periods of time, and that can lead to hetertopic bone formation. Alternatively a Cuboid ossicle seems more prevalent and may be consistent with your finding.

    5. Is your pain getting better or worse?
    6. How are you doing with walking?
    7. Weight loss will reduce stress on the foot. Most people in America are overweight, perhaps because we have plenty of food and don't go hungry, bury if able to reduce weight through diet and exercise pressure on foot may be reduced.

    LetsMove because if we move, we live longer and healthier lives
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    November 19, 2014 11:08:54 AM PST
    This is a review article, meaning they say:!"okay, let us go take a look at the Medical literature and what has been published and then put it together to better explain a condition.

    This is an article that I am going to read to learn more. It is a bit "scary," to doctors that they may know less than the people they are caring for. The legal disclaimer from before is the same. Well, I am going to go learn more so that I may be able to better help you or people with similar concerns in the future. Have. A great day T
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    November 20, 2014 8:18:01 PM PST

    Just saw the orthopedist again today. He said that it is not a gangleon and that it is an accessory ossicle. It is stabbing into the nearby muscle and is causing inflammation to the surrounding area. He wants me to have surgery to get it removed.

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    November 21, 2014 9:58:37 AM PST

    Greetings T,


    Thank you for the clarification, my previous thinking was that your have had both a ganglion cyst and  nearby an [accessory ossicle, or, hetertopic bone formation]. In either case, I now understand that what we were previously referring to as a ganglion cyst was the bone, and the nearby pain may have been inflamed tissue.


    I hope your pain gets better and the surgery goes well with a quick recovery if you choose to have it. 



    Thank you for the update and best wishes,