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    Discover the Health Benefits of Squid

    Squid or calamari is not only delicious and exotic, but also very healthy. It contains twice the amount of vitamin B6 than chicken and provides essential nutrients that help reduce cancer and heart disease. This type of shellfish enhances the absorption of iron, maintains healthy skin and hair, and prevents arthritis. It also protects your body from free radicals and maintains neurological function. 

    Squid Nutrition Facts

    Calamari is low calories and fat. It contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, zinc, copper, and iodine. The increased content of vitamin B2 may help relieve migraines. Squid also contains calcium, which is essential for healthy bones. 100 grams of this shellfish provide 21 percent of your recommended weekly intake of essential fats. The same amount of squid contains 70 calories, 15.58 grams of protein, 1.38 grams of fat, and 3.08 grams of carbs. It also fulfills 10 percent of the recommended daily amount of zinc

    Squid is an excellent source of potassium, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins. It contains less fat and calories than salmon or tuna, so it can be easily included in most diets. The essential fats in calamari increase metabolism and cause your body to burn energy more effectively. This leads to weight loss, reduced cholesterol levels, and better health.

    Eat Squid to Ward Off Diseases

    This type of shellfish contains essential vitamins and minerals that support the normal functioning of the brain and ward off diseases. Squid is rich in antioxidants and increases your body's ability to fight free radical damage. It contains large amounts of copper, which plays a key role in brain development, cell growth, immunity, and bone formation.

    Squid is high in selenium, a mineral that helps relieve arthritis symptoms and reduces the damage caused by free radicals. Regular consumption of this shellfish lowers homocystein levels in the body and increases calcium absorption. Calamari also contains vitamin B3, which helps in stabilizing blood glucose levels and prevents diabetes.

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