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Medical Board Discipline and Waste

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    August 5, 2014 1:46:11 PM PDT

    It does not take a group of eight fraud-committing physicians to put bad doctors like this in Jail.


    How might one attempt to avoid Medscape's wall of shame?

    1. Do not let impaired physicians care for patients, Many physicians have claimed that the term "impairment," is a "Huge," deal for all of those in healthcare.


    Therefore, in addition to common sense conduct such as not letting impaired physicians provide patient care, do not commit medicare fraud, sham procedures, or other actions that are in violation of the AMA code of medical ethics in order to avoid the worst doctors list. 


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    August 7, 2014 12:01:08 PM PDT

    Yes I do, and it has to do with bringing equity and accountability to medical regulation. Medical Board fraud is not good, but very common. They aren't interested in truth, or equity, or quality, but merely appearing righteous and just. Nonetheless, they commit repeated acts of fraud and do not discipline themselves. They ignore patient harm, and focus on what they assert to be healthcare related-ethics. I received a city ordinance violation in 2012. That is a big deal to them. However, I prevented patients from dying and/or from receiving wrong cancer therapy for a period of several months. I did not prevent all of the poor patient care at the UMKC Department, but I did more than my part, and I was repeatedly reprimanded for it. In contrast, the medical board probably enabled the death of a few poor people in Missouri over the past year through the deprivation of care. In addition, the Missouri Medical Board reprimanded me for reporting patient harm, and they did not investigate. In addition, they committed six counts of fraud versus a cardiologist who was providing good medical care, Dr. Antoine Adem.  Dr. Adem forged a signature. The hypocrites on the medical board committed fraud six times and twisted good care to (falsified documents), and  labeled them as bad care. Let's refresh, Dr. Antoine Adem provided good medical care, and when the threatening, intimidating, and ignorant bullies on the Missouri Medical Board came to him, they asked him for a letter from another doctor. He wrote that he provided good care, which is true, and forged a signature. In contrast, the Medical Board members interrupted the life of the doctor and patients for no reason. They maliciously tried to frame good medical care as if it were bad, and they did this six times. Then, these hypocrites have the audacity to tell me that reporting patient harm is unethical and unprofessional without investigating it.

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    August 13, 2014 10:13:13 AM PDT





    Consider the Medical Board's commission of fraud v. Dr. Antoine Adem. Not merely once, but six times. Most of medicine is firmly rooted in scientific principles, practicing every aspect of the specialty is not the same. They set the criteria and procedures that they perform in their specialty, but there is great overlap of practice patterns between different specialties. A dermatologist performs skin biopsies, but so do other doctors. The definition of an expert in court is largely based on monopolistic principles. I am not a cardiologist, but I helped elucidate and illustrate the pathogenesis of a disease that has largely been confused over the past 20 years. The medical board is literally harming medical research and harming patients. There is a shortage of physicians, and they think that the most important thing, is not that patient harm be investigated, nor lying under oath, nor lying to the medical board in writing, nor lying to the ACGME by the DIO of UMKC about providing proper cancer care, nor taking action the medical board members who voted to reprimand Dr. antoine adem for providing care that a medical student could have easily determined to be appropriate, but to reprimand by for responding irrationally to incredibly cruel and harassing sitautions for more than two years. Furthermore, it was not releated ot patient care and it harmed no one unlike their conduct of depriving patients of medical care over the past year. At the Great Mines Health Center, I saw Jason save lives and he and I discussed the literature and corrected the USPSTF carotid screening recommendations. Yet the medical continues to rely on the opinion of a doctor who did not a sign from a symptom. In my humble opinion, that is a dangerous sign of incompetence, because it demonstrate complete lack of functional clinical knowledge. In addition, the medical board tried to convince others that I was not competent and in doing this it turned out that some of them were unaware of what PubMed is


     95% of the work performed by medical boards  ca be performs by persons with no medical training, and a medical student could easily perform superior to eight doctors that now "serve," or "get paid to commit fraud," on the Missouri Medical Board. The same holds true for the Texas Medical Board where they violated anti-trust laws, and committed fraud in an effort to reprimand advertising by the Burzynski clinic.

    Presumably through incompetence that results from bigoted prejudice without an understanding of the practice of medicine, its history, and without any formal ethics training, the Medical board committed six counts of fraud versus doctor Antoine Adem, a cardiologist with more training, skills, and evidence of good moral character than any of the medical board members. What is worse, is that these repeat fraud-committing physician-sociopaths want immunity from anti-trust. Perhaps they are interested in committing six more counts of fraud versus another doctor.

    If doctors don't want to get sued in Federal Court, do not commit repeated acts of fraud against doctors with more training and publications than themselves. In addition the Missouri Medical Board refused to investigate seven months of poor patient care at UMKC-TMC. They reprimanded me for reporting patient harm without investigating to any reasonable degree. The lesson they were trying to teach me is probably, if you want to make it I the culture of medicine, you need look the other way, advocate for your patients here and there to look good, but if there is life threatening, cancer-treatment altering conduct harming patients, keep your mouth shut or they will reprimand you and refuse to investigate as did the‪#‎ACGME.

    I filed a complaint about their fraud, but I haven't heard back. I would like to speak before ‪#‎SCOTUS how they have lost sight of their mission of patient safety, and I can detail how they enable the culture of patient harm to continue. 1,000 people die every year in medical errors. I order to stop state medical board fraud we will likely need to make it easier for patients to sue doctor, and the expert witness does not have to be only the same ABMS specialty. I have documents reports submitted into court of how ABMS certified pathologist lacked the clinical skills present in most, if not all 1st year nursing students. The UMKC Pathology chair was unable to effectively communicate, lied in writing to te board, lied under oath and at least 26 other times, some of these are not the more innocent, self-protective lives, but they are malicious slander of a nefarious UMKC Pathology Chair who reprimands those that ask a single question. In addition, the Missouri Medical Board thought nothing pertinent of her competency as they wrote that I had a symptom that I never reported. That symptom being a lack of energy. No one knows what the means. Therefore, I asked.




    .‪#‎UMKC ‪#‎MedEd ‪#‎MedReg 
    Kind regards,
    Brett Snodgrass, M.D.
    Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.

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    August 13, 2014 10:35:56 AM PDT

    Notes of Caution: Medical Board and Harassment of Cardiologists.

    Brett Snodgrass and the Missouri State Medical Association - MSMA May reprimand you and commit fraud against you for providing appropriate care to six consecutive patients. Please be cautious before you support State Medical Boards, and their frequent fraudulent conduct. A cardiologist follow the guidelines, the patients were doing well, for six different patients. The prejudiced bigots on the Missouri State Medical Board, who have faced no penalties for their felonious and criminal actions took more than $100,000 of the States Taxes and publicly reprimanded him in court, Falsified six depositions in order deceive the judge. Thankfully the judge realized that these self-interested crooks on the state medical board were not help the interventional cardiologist Dr. Antoine Adem, a doctor who has more training than many of the fraud-committing medical board members. In addition, the state medical board claims they are there to fulfill States. However, no one knows whether they do for sure, and there is much evidence that they fail miserably at their goal of protecting the public. They are not held accountable for outcomes, for being proactive, or even for committing fraud. Our country could do better by having a single medical student run the medical board than a team of eight self-righteous fraud-committing physicians who practice selective ethics, refuse to investigate patient harm, and reprimand the reporting of patient harm without investigating to any reasonable degree. If the Missouri State Medical Board spent three hours reviewing the Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill Surgical Pathology reports from Jan to Jun 2011, and examined 10 cases of lumpectomies that turned out, on final pathologic examination, to be breast cancer, then they would realize the #UMKC #DIO lied to Amy Beaned of the #ACGME. What does the medical board do instead of their job of protecting the public? Answer, they reprimand myself, Dr. Snodgrass, a humanism-award winning doctor (once), and average scores, for reporting patient harm. That is the most odious, despicable, unethical, unprofessional, and contemptible conduct that I have heard of since Michael Swango, the physician who was serial murder. Similar to how Dr. Swango killed a few people in a years  time,  the physicians on the medical board most likely killed a few people in rural missouri over the past year due to a lack of ability to provide them with patient care secondary to their fraudulent conduct and repeated efforts to reprimand myself with licensure denial, in spite of the fact that have more training and publications than a few of these self-proclaimed competent board members. If they are competent, why are they committing fraud against cardiologists six times in a row. This isn't a small matter because they abuse their state given position to do bad and not good. To protect themselves without protecting the people. There is more information about the fraud committed by medical board members against a doctor with more training than most of the board members here at


    Kind regards,

    Brett Snodgarss, MD

    Alpha Omega Alpha

    Supporter for ethical reform of medical regulation.