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Stanislaw Burzynski and FDA v. Medical Board

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    August 4, 2014 4:52:58 PM PDT
    Take the following two-question quiz and compare your answers to those of the Texas Medical Board.
    Texas Medical Board v Burzynski
    Next five photographs are the FDA *Advertising* Complaint v. Burzynski 
    FDA adveritising Complaint v Burzynski
    Texas Medical Board Lies
    FDA complaint v Burzynski Page 2
    Page 3 of FDA complaint v Burzynski
    Page four of FDA complaint
    Page 5 of FDA complaint v Dr Burzynski

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    August 7, 2014 1:49:19 AM PDT
    The Texas Medical Board blatantly lied to and deceived the public. That or they are unfathomably incompetent.

    People think Burzynski have this patient some herbal medicine. The patient received AGGRESSIVE CHEMOTHERAPY and multiple monoclonal antibodies that slow angiogenesis & one that is molecularly targeted for mutant KRAS. The Texas Medical Board is blatantly misleading the public about the type of medications given to the patient when they state various other substances.. Yes, Burzynski has his clinical trials, & hopes antineoplastins will work for SOME patients with specific types of cancer, but this patient received aggressive, reasonable treatment. It is most unethical that the doctors on the Texas Medical Board would lie to people in such a manner.

    Please stop #fraud by state medical boards. The tumor is clearly malignant and nonetheless the medical board ignorantly or deceitfully reprimands Burzynski for it.

    #MedEd #hcsm #IOMGME
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    August 7, 2014 1:58:08 AM PDT
    The Texas Medical Board claimed that Burzynski
    Did NOT establish a diagnosis. What do you think that they tested for Her2 & multiple other molecular pathological testing?
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    August 7, 2014 11:36:23 AM PDT

    08 07 2014

    The Medical Board of Texas, has committed gross negligence, and is intentionally misleading the public regarding the chemotherapy provided by a physician under discipline. The Medical Board is intentionally misleading the public. They referred to state-of-the art chemotherapy as "multiple other substances." This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Texas board ignorantly reprimanded the doctor for providing good chemotherapy. 2. No member of the Texas Medical Board has probably  ever conducted clinical trials, they are not aware of the standard recruitment methods. They claim that the Doctor is trying to bait people with his clinical trials. Excuse me, The FDA is the best regulatory agency in the world. The Medical Board is a rag-tag team of physicians with no oversight, no accountability, and they reprimanded the Dr. for starting treatment without an adequate diagnosis. They ignore that there were multiple molecular tests ordered on the tissue that was used in the diagnosis. Furthermore, the care was actually advanced because the patient received a monoclonal antibody for the bone pain with mets. There is more at the websitThank you kindly for your attention to the gross negligence of the Texas Medical. They are not ground in science at all. People claim it was the wrong treatment, but when I go to the, and search the New England Journal of Medicine, and oncology literature, it was at least satisfactory, possibly even above average care. Please consider, the Texas Medical Board has no accountability. There is a shortage of physicians, the doctor they reprimanded was giving standard chemotherapy. Furthermore, it is normal for a clinical trial site to have clinical trial staff involved in the care. The State Medical Board is far more intent on maintaining their monopolistic practices and to appear as if they are doing good, than to actually do good.


    Thank you kindly,

    BrettMD, AOA



    Not sure what to say. that or ignore patient harm.  Mark of authentically I think is probably suffering for a cause. I have lived in poverty and hardship, and still published in medical journals because I have reported the felonious medical board fraud along with the UMKC and VAScandal. As long as administration in healthcare has no accountability we can expect things to remain stagnant. For example. let us say that a physician does commit malpractice onece. Instead of paying the victim, and instead of reporting it to the hospital safety committee, and instead of publishing it so others can learn to prevent it. He covers it up, because he knows that the medical board will revoke his license if anyone finds out. Thus, the same errors keep happening again and again. In addition, instead of providing remedial education and giving me the mark of moral superiority, I was reprimanded for reporting patient harm. This is bad, because I was repeatedly reprimanded for preventing patient harm. The UMKC Pathology Chair had no idea at what rate the lumpectomy specimens were being processed. 

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    August 7, 2014 11:44:57 AM PDT
    . I later reported this to the ACGME, but they ignored it. Doctors don't just avoid reporting their friends. They do it because if they report their own error or another persons, they will have their medical license revoked. Isolated errors, then go hidden. Instead of compensating the victims, instead of improving the quality of care, the physicians hide their errors, they hide their incompetence, they avoid discipline. Many times patients want physicians to suffer for malpractice. However, they always have the opportunity to obtain malpractice. We need a culture of safety in medicine. Instead there has been an increasing death rate due to medical error. Not surprising when doctors are fired for one error, but those that commit errors for seven months and ham up to 20 women never even receive a preliminary investigation.

    This is not necesasily about anti-neoplastins, but about the Medical Board reprimanding Burzynski for treating a patient with chemotherapy. In addition, the Texas medical Board deceived the public by referring to these as "multiple other substances." In addition, they claimed that there was inappropriate documentation. They may not be correct in this. Even if they were, the patient received the appropriate treatment for metastatic colorectal carcinoma. In addition, it had nothing to do with anti-neoplastins. It was chemotherapy. Unfathomable how the medical board conflates antineoplastin clinical trials and possibly (clinical care?) with #chemotherapy. He is a bit peculiar or odd in that he thinks Big Pharma is out to get him. If anything, it is the corrupt Texas Medical Board that is ignorant of the difference between anti-neoplastins and chemotherapy. perhaps they are not merely ignorant, but that they are knowingly committing fraud in court. The reason they are likely doing this is because they have no accountability.

    Texas Medical Association #Accountability #Quality Control "multiple other substances."

    AAFP President

    Medical Boards needs stop committing fraud. As physicians who have our clinical competency determined by medical boards, they need to know what PubMed is. They need to know what chemotherapy is. They need to understand the difference between clinical trial regulation and the practice of medicine. They need to understand the custom and practice, and federal laws overseeing clinical trial recruitment. This photo can be used for a meme related to the manner in which bad doctors on immune medical boards treat good physicians.

    #MedEd #hcsm #FOAMed #HITsm #mHealth #eHealth

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    August 13, 2014 4:29:24 AM PDT