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New Rosacea Treatment

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    July 27, 2014 10:32:19 AM PDT

    A recent article published in JAMA Dermatology reports less erythema (redness) of the face in patients who took the drug apremilast 20mg twice daily for 12 weeks. The outcome is that it appears to have helped those people with moderate rosacea. What I mean is that 8/10 people had moderate redness at the beginning of the study. However, one month after the 12-week treatment, only (4/10) people had moderate redness. It did not make the redness go away in any of the people. 

    The Study  

    "10 patients with moderate to severe inflammatory rosacea were administered apremilast, 20 mg orally twice daily, for 12 weeks.

    Moderate to severe erythematotelangiectatic and papulopustular rosacea defined as a minimum of 10 papules and pustules, the presence of moderate to severe erythema, and the presence of telangiectasias.

    Secondary outcomes assessed drug toxicity as well as efficacy as defined by changes in the telangiectasia counts, chromometer readings,5 and ratings on the Physician Global 7-Point Assessment, Patient Global Assessment, Physician Overall Erythema Severity, and physician-rated variable scales.

    When baseline scores were compared with those at the end of treatment, there was a statistically significant improvement in ratings on the Physician Global 7-Point Assessment (t statistic = −2.86, P = .02), Physician Overall Erythema Severity (t statistic = −4.85, P = .001), erythematotelangiectatic rating (t statistic = −3.67,P = .005), and nontransient erythema (t statistic = −2.45, P = .04)

    Rating of Nontransient Erythema".


    In summary, it is exciting that there are new medical therapies (see next post) for the treatment of the erythema of Rosacea.  

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    July 27, 2014 2:43:23 PM PDT

    This is from the rosacea foundation:

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