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    Cod - A healthy choice

    Cod is known all over the world. There are mainly 3 types of cod you can find at the market: fresh cod, salt cod or stockfish The first is placed in salt while the latter is dried.
    Cod is one of the few in which all parts are consumed, mainly in the form of fillets and steaks; in other parts of the world unusual parts such as the head are considered a real delicacy.
    Also cod roe (eggs) and cod stomach are consumed in the countries such as Scandinavia, Japan and Italy.

    Cod nutrition facts
    The cod is a staple food for its lack of fat is advised as part of a healthy diet and light , the few fats are omega 3 fatty acids that play an important role to low bad cholesterol.
    This fish is very light and easily digestible that makes it particularly suitable for children and the elderly.

    Cod contains a lot of protein, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, and also B complex vitamins.
    Cod is gluten-free and his liver contains a famous oil , known precisely as cod liver oil.

    Cod oil is rich in Omega -3 vitamin A and D which was formerly used to treat rickets, vitamin D deficiency that affected some children.
    Today cod liver oil is used in cases of osteoporosis because improves absorption of calcium and fortifies bones and teeth .
    Cod has a pleasant flavor and can be cooked in many different ways, easy to find in every market and cheap resource of proteins.

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