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ObamaCare: The Benefits and Harms of the ACA.

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    March 6, 2014 11:19:42 AM PST

    I have heard many excellent reports about the impact of Obamacare in several states.
    However, the situation is drastically different in Missouri for myself and the good-hearted, hard-working people I meet in clinic. I am presently without health insurance myself, and I have seen many hard working American's watch their monthly premiums or (spin downs) skyrocket after the implementation of the ACA.

    Somehow, a family that has an income of 1,500 per month is supposed to pay 1,300 for health insurance. With Missouri refusing to take action and help fund Obamacare, the rich are getting richer and the poor not given a chance. Many wealthy people in the state of Missouri did not want to spend any of their extra tax dollars on helping children receive appropriate health screenings, and good nutrition. Instead, these relatively wealthy persons, who work no harder than the poor do, exercise undue influence on the legislature and administrative bodies of the state government. Another BMW or perhaps a first BMW to accompany the Expedition is much more important than other families obtaining the basic necessitates.

    Wealth permits persons to exert undue influence by many means and it leaves the poor in an oppressed situation. Growing up without basic healthcare and nutrition results in development difficulties, behavioral challenges, and even when these are overcome, the rich persons often perpetuate a cycle of oppression. The wealthy person can afford gas to attend every town hall meeting, every legislature meeting. The wealthy person is often dressed nicer, may have a nicer academic title, and is often assumed to be a better person because of the value of their
    pocketbook. Governor Nixon recognized the reprehensible nature of such conduct yet many, in the interest of their own pocket, in their own self-righteous moral ignorance think they are more qualified and work more diligently than the poor work.

    The poor may not often be able to afford the teleconferences with members of the legislature. The poor's cell phone frequently disconnects due to inability to pay, and this includes those days when feedback is the most critical. The poor may not be able to join a Google Hangout to discuss policy issues with their local healthcare leaders. 


    Obamacare is not failing citizens; greedy self-righteous persons are creating a system of undue burdens for the poor. The Missouri legislature needs to open their ears and eyes to the plight of poverty that fighting against the implementation of Obamacare is causing on the poor. Next, and often without merit, the voice of the poor is ignored.
    When the next election comes around, I am asking everyone to only vote for persons who support full implementation of Obamacare.

    Please see the related Tweet from Governor Jay Nixon:
    I support Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, we must
    Governor Jay Nixon ‏@GovJayNixon Feb 10:
    "States across the country are giving working folks access to affordable health care. Now it's our turn #momedicaid"


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