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    April 13, 2017 3:30:45 PM PDT

    Legal disclaimer:  we do not have a doctor-patient relationship and we cannot give specific instructions of care to you, but we can give you our best effort to find high-quality information that you can consider. If we are wrong, or you don't like what we say, feel free to leave a message and let us know how we can improve the quality of the service. In addition, we encourage other people in the community to contribute their knowledge to the questions that are asked. 

    For example, if you have a rare disease, and had a rare surgery, please simply state "back surgery," and if needed we can explore that further.  If your neighbor or best friend reads this, will be they be able to identify you based on the information given? If yes, please remove the information or change it slightly. 

    BAD example:  I live in Boston, Dr. Patel at MGH hospital diagnosed me with a schwannoma tumor last month, then I traveled to Tokyo and taught english for a year.  

    Acceptable example: I live in the United States, I had a tumor & surgery, then I traveled abroad for work.



    1. What is your question or story, What would you like a doctor to address?

     -Very irregular menstrual periods, and  unable to get pregnant


    2. Age & gender, Please add or substract (1-3years if adult for privacy)?

    23-26 female

    3. When did problem start?

    2 years


    4. Have you had this before?

    never had a regular period, but never this irregular


    5. Is it getting better or worse? 


    6. Body Mass Index?


    8. Heart Rate? 


    9. Temperature? 


    10. Medical conditions including pregnancies both past & present?

    Miscarriage 2016

    11. Medications & supplements?


    12. Surgeries?  

    tonsilectomy 2009