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Tremors and shakiness

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    November 19, 2016 7:58:13 PM PST


    I'm a young adult (age redacted by BrettMD for privacy) and I've been having issues with tremors or shakiness, this has been more noticeable recently yet I've had it a long time (Maybe since I was perhaps 12/13). It is not a major issue, I can still write, type, drink, eat and get on with everyday activities with ease. However, I'm still concerned about it because it may or may not have got worse over the past 5 months (Unsure whether I'm more aware of it and paranoid or it is getting worse). The condition is amplified when hungry, stressed, anxious and cold, yet is also noticeable when sat still and resting. Other side notes which may help is how I've recently been getting anxious more easily and having a panic attack every week or so. Also, I sometimes feel very rigid and just remember to relax and I'm okay then. It affects my hands, arms, legs, jaw and sometimes voice. I have issues with my posture having been gaming for almost 9 years now with a back pain on my shoulder blades.


    Im wondering what this could be, I've read conditions from MS to Hyperthyroidism to Essential Tremor.

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    November 20, 2016 3:16:47 PM PST

    Dear C,

    Thank you for the question. Please see our legal disclaimer, and I cannot diagnose or treat you, but can help guide you through the diagnostic process.
    You seem to have a tremor, and are on the right track. What I would suggest, is that you do google searches for "tremor neurological exam."



    If you do this, and then do the physical exams, you will be much closer to the diagnosis.

    Additional evaluations include a history with important questions.

    1. Does anyone in your family have tremors?
    2. Do your parents have tremors?
    3. Does caffeine or any medication make the tremor better or worst?
    4. Hold your arms outstretched, and see if you have a tremor in both arms. Then reach for a cup with each hand individually, do you have tremor then? -
    5. Is it worse at the beginning or end of the movement - the movement being as you get closer to the cup.

    6. Have you ever lost consciousness when having the tremor?

    7. Do you have sweating when you have the tremor?

    8. Have you had night sweats, fevers, chills,

    9. When you saw a doctor over the past nine years, did they perform any laboratory tests to evaluate you for mercury or arsenic exposure and to check your blood glucose level?


    Kind regards,



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    November 22, 2016 12:25:32 PM PST

    Thank you for your reply.


    I am booked to see my doctor this Friday to discuss the issue and I will certainly take a look at the tremor neurological exam. As for the questions;


    1) Not that I know of, my parents know of my condition but have no idea where it has come from.

    2) No.

    3) Caffeine makes it worse but not still not enough to effect everyday activities. 

    4) When I reach for a cup, my left-hand tremor does increase a little.

    5) As I get closer to the cup.

    6) No.

    7) No.

    8) No.

    9) No but I assume they will do a blood test or some sort of medical examination on Friday.

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    November 22, 2016 5:42:51 PM PST

    Dear C,


    Thank you for the reply you may want to ask your doctor about whether your posture and tremor could be related to dystonia.


    Please consider keeping us updated, please also edit your age in your question for privacy y.

    kind regards,


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    November 29, 2016 2:36:33 PM PST

    So I have spoken to my doctor and he said it could either be Benign Essential Tremor or something to do with my Thyroid. I'm having blood tests this Friday and should expect to have the results by Monday. I will let you know what they come out to be.



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    December 9, 2016 4:28:07 PM PST

    Dear C,


    Thank you for the follow-up after my first and second replies. Please consider keeping us updated, but I would prefer that you do not share anything further for your privacy. 

    Best regards,


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