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Inflammatory Breast Cancer - NCCN Guidelines

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    August 12, 2016 9:38:35 PM PDT

    Inflammatory breast cancer is a clinicopathologic entity. There is no histopathologic finding that, without clinical information creates a definitive diagnosis of "inflammatory breast cancer."


    The presence of cancer, in the form of an epithelial-derived tumor (carcinoma) can establish the diagnosis of IBC, but only, by definition, when the clinical findings are present -reference needed-.


     The diagnosis of a specific histopathologic type of cancer - such as ductal carcinoma can be "consistent with inflammatory breast cancer."


    However, in my previous work as a journal reviewer, I first noticed that the


    Locations of Misinformation in the Published Literature.

    1. AJCC 7th edition

    2. 2016 NCCN Breast Cancer Guidelines - cites the AJCC.

    3. Interenational Classification of Diseases in Oncology Third Edition (ICD-O3rd ed.)




    Apparently many medical coders are identifying cases of ductal carcinoma of the breast, in the setting of inflammatory breast cancer and entering "inflammatory" for the histopathology. This is being submitted - in an ongoing basis - to the American College of Surgeons Oncology Database.


    If you disagree, please comment, tweet, or facebook me. Alternatively, readers may text sms messages to my cell phone at (916) 893-1722, or email me at or



    Although the American College of Surgeons owns and maintains the National Cancer Database, it contains information about the american public, and I humbly suggest that only together can we ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data.


    Fighting cancer in the cancer moonshot and beyond is a team activity and no one person or group of surgeons can succeed.


    In upcoming posts, I will be sharing my cordial but frustrating correspondence with the National Cancer Comprehensive Network representatives and discuss how bureaucratic entanglement hinders progress in cancer treatment.

    Your feedback on this important subject is respectfully requested.




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