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Introducing The Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children

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    February 20, 2014 4:45:54 PM PST


    Over 18 Million people suffer from Asthma in the U.S. Alone.

    Over 7 Million Are Children.

    1 in 10 of These Children Experience Bullying Because of Their Condition. Sources: CDC -- CHEST

    We Want To Be Part Of The Solution!

    Who is FunMed, and What is the FunHaler?
    FunMed is a team personally affected by Asthma. At any given time, you will find several different Asthma treatments, including inhalers and nebulizers in our possession. We also have children who have witnessed asthma related bullying in their schools. Asthma is a condition that has touched our lives, and we want to be part of the solution.

    The FunHaler is a fun, unique, and innovative Asthma MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler) Actuator Case, specifically designed for Children and Toddlers, that completely covers the standard, ugly actuator included with MDI prescriptions (Think cell phone case, but for inhalers). Our preliminary prototype design is a cute, little pig, and we have many future designs in the works, including several for Adults.

    Why design the FunHaler?
    We developed the FunHaler for several reasons. Our main objective was to create a way for Asthma sufferers, especially children, to have a little more fun, and enjoyment when taking their treatments. Currently, there are not any "fun" MDI covers on the market, only a very small assortment of cloth-type covers, which look like actuator "blankets". These are certainly not FUN!

    As our design evolved, we realized that this is an opportunity to do much more than create a simple cover up for an unattractive medical device - It is an opportunity to help children with Asthma feel better about their inhalers, and, in turn, themselves. We believe that the FunHaler could potentially reduce the Asthma related bullying rates becuase these covers will not carry the stigma currently associated with the standard inhaler actuators. In fact, we hope they will become ice breakers, and conversation starters amoung children, helping them bond, and make new friends.

    Why should you care?
    By backing this project you will be directly involved in the creation of a great product that does not currently exist, but clearly should, and you will help to bring some joy to people who have a very serious condition. Asthma affects a person's entire life, on a daily basis, and can even result in death if not treated properly, and quickly. The FunHaler will make treatment more enjoyable, especially for children, improving the quality of their lives. We want to put FunHalers in the hands of everyone who suffers from Asthma, and you can help!

    The FunHaler
    The FunHaler is a new concept in Asthma Inhaler styling that is, well, Fun! Long gone are the days of the ugly, and boring standard MDI Inhaler actuators that everyone with Asthma is forced to live with. Constructed in 2 sections out of high quality plastic, the FunHaler case easily, and beautifully encapsulates the standard inahler actuator. The FunHaler is not a replacement for the standard actuator, but rather a case that completely changes the look, but not the function of the standard actuator (similar to the way a cell phone case works with the phone). The design is beautiful, yet strong.

    Yeah, but is it easy to use? Absolutely! Simply insert the standard inhaler actuator into the bottom section of the FunHaler, and then snap the top section into place. That's it. No more unsightly actuator. Each time a new prescription is filled, the FunHaler comes apart with ease, and the old actuator can be removed, and the new actuator easily inserted.

    Want more? No problem. The FunHaler also has a convenient  viewing window for that standard actuator dose counter, if applicable. Still not satisfied? Ok, you win. The FunHaler has one more cool feature - a lanyard loop that allows it to be worn around the neck for easy access, and for those who "misplace" their inhalers from time to time.

    Wondering what inspired the "shape" of the FunHaler? Beauty, and Function. The FunHaler is the easiest to use, and most ergonomically superior Asthma product on the market, especially for children, who have small hands. The round bottom, and flared top allow children, who often have difficulty using standard actuators, to use their thumbs in the actuation process, reducing the difficulty and strain associated with standard actuators. This design allows children easier access to their medication, in addition to looking great.
    We've spent months perfecting the design using feedback from the Asthma community and the engineers at Detroit Design Engineering. Our goal is to take this design to production, and we need your help.
    The next step before production is to test a prototype of the FunHaler. The funding goal is the minimum we need to produce, and test, a working prototype minus fees (Indiegogo, PayPal, etc).
    The more funding we're able to raise, the more research and development, and testing we will be able to do, which leads to a better product. If we achieve our funding goal, don't let it stop you from backing us! Every little bit will help make the FunHaler better. Additionally, if we are funded well enough, we will be able to begin work on the next stages of development, including, but not limited to, designing and prototyping more designs for children (different animals, etc), and possibly some exciting designs for teens and adults.
    Once we've tested the prototype and made the necessary revisions, the next step will be a limited production run - funded via a second crowdfunding campaign. The retail price of the FunHaler is projected to be between USD $5-$20.

    Funding Allocation:
    USD $6250    FunHaler prototype from Detroit Design Engineering
    USD  $500     Testing
    USD $6750    Prototype + Testing Cost
    USD   $750    Indiegogo + Paypal + Bank transfer fees (10% of funding)

    TOTAL USD $7500

    How can you help?
    Get Involved by funding the project and spreading the word.

    Your contribution will help us bring this project into reality, and hopefully brighten the lives of Asthma sufferers everywhere. Every little bit helps.

    If you know anyone who would be interested in the FunHaler, please send them a link to this page.

    You can also help by talking about the project on Social Media. So, be sure to post and tweet about it!

    The more people that hear about this project, the better the chance we'll hit our goal.

    FunHaler Specifications
    Fun, Cute, Unique Design
    Constructed in high quality, strong plastic
    Easy to insert, remove, and reinsert standard MDI actuator
    Easy to clean
    Design does not affect inhaler operation in any way
    Easy for people with small hands, especially children, to operate
    Comfortable Ergonomic design
    Convenient Lanyard Loop
    Standard MDI actuator dose counter view window

    *Specifications  and design elements are preliminary and may change.

    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children


    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children



    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children


    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children


    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children


    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children


    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children


    Funhaler MDI Asthma Inhaler Case for Children


    *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Final design may change.


    Design/Compatibility Questions
    Q: Will the FunHaler work with my inhaler?
    A: The current, tentative design of the FunHaler is compatible with the ProAir HFA inhaler/actuator. We plan to adapt the design to accommodate other brands/styles of inhalers/actuators in the future. If we raise enough funds in this campaign, we may be able to include this in our initial design, and the first production run and shipment. There is no guarantee this will happen, and it depends solely on the amount of funding raised. 

    Q: Will the FunHaler work with a spacer?
    A: Yes. The final production design will utilize the mouthpiece of the standard MDI Inhaler actuator. Therefore, it is possible to use any spacer that currently is compatible with a standard MDI Inhaler. We also have some spacer designs in development, including portable, matching spacers for the FunHaler.
    Q: Is the FunHaler available in any other designs/animals?
    A: Currently, the FunHaler is available only in the cute Pig design featured in this campaign. We have started designing and developing future designs, including monkey and hippopotamus designs. These are preliminary designs, and may not be suitable for production. Further development is necessary. We are hopeful that this, and the next campaign will be successful so we can continue to improve the current design, and create exciting new designs in the near future.
    Q: Are there any plans to create FunHaler designs for teens or adults?
    A: Absolutely. We have big plans for the FunHaler in the future. We have started designing and developing future designs, including zebra print and camouflage designs. These are preliminary designs, and may not be suitable for production. Further development is necessary.


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