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Missed second period after Plan B

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    June 9, 2016 12:51:19 PM PDT

    My boyfriend and I had sex in April and the condom broke. As such he was able to ejaculate in me and I'm not on any other form of birth control. We bought a plan B and I took it the next day. My period came the following week (as scheduled). Fast forward to my second period after taking the plan B, I skipped it. It never showed up and its now been 6 weeks since my last period. I took a few pregnancy tests and they're negative. Could I be pregnant or is this an effect of the plan B? I've heard this is a common occurrence. I don't have any symptoms either just gas. I even lost weight. 

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    June 9, 2016 3:56:18 PM PDT

    Dear S,


    Thank you for the question.


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    If you have taken FDA-approved, over-the-counter pregnancy tests, and they were negative. Then it is unlikely that you are pregnant. If you think that the pregnancy tests were the kind that you buy at a regular pharmacy, then you probably are not pregnant.



    1a. Was that the only time that you had sex without a condom?


    1b. Do you use other forms of birth control?


    1c.    What is the interval between your periods and does it vary?


    2.    How much weight have you lost?


    3.    Over what period of time?


    4.    Was the weight loss intentional or unintentional?


    5.    What is your Body Mass Index?


    6.    Do you have pain?


    7.   When is the last time that you have seen a doctor? 


    8.  You noticed that you have gas, do you have any other changes with anything in your body. For example, changes in you eyes, skin, hair, nose, mouth teeth, breathing, eating, defecating, loose stools, having bowel movements more or less frequently than usual?



    9. What is your age +/- 1-3 years for privacy (change your age, or don’t, to ensure anonymity).



    10. Have you been pregnant before?


    11. Are you sleeping well?


    12. Has your diet changed over the past couple of months?


    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,


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    June 9, 2016 8:08:54 PM PDT

    Dr. Brett,

    That was unfortunately not the only time since I had sex without a condom and I do not use any other form of birth control.

    My periods are usually on time being just 1-3 days late but it does come before the month ends.

    Over the past month I have lost some weight although it hasnt been significant and may be due to not eating as much junk/fatty foods.

    I weigh about 100 lbs. 

    I do not have any pains. Just gas and some loose stools. I vomitted once like 3 weeks ago but the night before I did i ate a bag of jelly beans and had a bit too much to eat. Then, after I vomitted that one time I got chills. I took it for the stomach flu. That never happened again. There is no other symptom like sore breats/nipples/cramps. I'm also pretty sure that I have gas because I started a new job and sometimes I dont eat anything until I get home around 11 pm. During that time all I might've had was a cup coffee and water. Bowel movements depend on how much fluid i drink as I dont see it occuring every 15-30 minutes sometimes not even every hour.

    My last doctor appointment was for my annual gynecology exam last August and I have never been pregnant before. Although I'm not sure I understood what you meant by the FDA approved pregnancy tests, I took the regular +/- ClearBlue tests and a digital one. I still have another digital one left. I even made sure to use my first morning urine. 

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    June 12, 2016 12:35:15 PM PDT

    Dear S,

    I apologize for the delay.

    What I meant, was, "was the mentioned sexual encounter in the first question - the question that you shared on this forum (see above) - was that the most recent time that you had unprotected sex?"

    I understand that you may have had unprotected sex at times other than that, but have you had an unprotected sexual encounter since the encounter mentioned above?

    If the encounter mentioned above was the most recent unprotected sexual encounter, then the numerous pregnancy tests performed since then would argue against you being pregnant.

    However, if you have had unprotected sex since then - in that case - it is very difficult to say whether the negative pregnancy tests are accurate. 

    Also, your diet sounds a bit concerning. 

    Please consider seeing a primary care physician about (1) your diet and weight change, (2) about the loose stools, (3) about any new stressors in your life, and (4) about future pregnancy planning. 

    Please make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet with something more than candy and coffee. The url may help. Please let me know if you have any more concerns, but, and I could be wrong, it seems that future pregnancy planning may be an important part of your medical care. That is one reason that I think you would benefit from seeing a primary care doctor. 

    If you do not have insurance, a visit with one costs about $35 in my area. You may want to call around to find the best cost. If they order a bunch of tests, and you do not have insurance, the cost could easily be 10-20x that. 

    Kind regards,


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