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Pregnancy Test

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    March 27, 2016 2:34:52 PM PDT

    Pregnancy Test

    It can be nerve wracking to try and pick out a pregnancy test, especially if you have pregnancy symptoms and you’re worried about the results.  Which ones work the best and which ones should be left on the shelf?

    Pink vs. Blue Dye

    There is a lot of debate as to which type of test is best, those that use pink dye or those that rely on the blue dye lines to indicate positive or negative.

    Blue dye based tests tend to show a lot of false positives, as well as a high instance of evaporation lines where the test doesn’t actually complete.   Pink dye tests on the other hand are more accurate and often more sensitive, showing a positive result much earlier than their blue counter parts.

    Dye vs. Digital

    Do digital tests provide the same accuracy as the dye-based tests? In a word, yes, but they aren’t as sensitive as the basic pink dye tests.  You could purchase a pink dye pregnancy test and a digital one, take them on the same day, and get two different results. 

    While it might make you feel better to see “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” spelled out in clear letters right there on the test, the digital pregnancy tests are expensive.  Get a positive result from a pink dye test first, and then pick up a digital to confirm the answer.

    Besides, the digital tests look much better on those pregnancy announcements.


    All pregnancy tests are not created equal. Doing a little research before you start buying tests can save you a lot of money and more than a little heartache.

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