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    September 25, 2015 1:28:34 PM PDT

    Marketing to Doctors

    In today’s interconnected society, a strong online presence can make or break a medical practice, making online marketing in healthcare an essential investment. Unfortunately, most online marketing firms are not really designed for the kind of marketing that a medical or dental practice might require. has established itself in the health marketing niche, and is currently one of the best medical marketing firms in the market today.

    Why is an online presence so important?

    When you need information about a store, restaurant, or doctor’s office, what is the first place you look? 20 years ago, your answer probably would have been the Yellow Pages, but today, most people turn to their smart phone or computer for that same information.  That, by itself, is why online marketing is so important.

    If a potential client can’t find you on the web, they’re not going to bother to find you on the street. It’s as simple as that.

    What does offer? is one of today’s premiere online marketing providers. With their highly trained team of web designers and marketing geniuses, they are able to provide everything a growing company or medical practice might need to succeed in a competitive market, including:

    - Customized websites – Studies have shown that a unique, custom website is much more likely to inspire click-throughs than a generic or heavily template based website.

    - Social media marketing - Active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are essential for potential customers or clients to interact with your company.

    - Online Advertising – Basically, this makes your website the top link on any Google search, by setting it up as a keyword-based advertisement.

    - Facebook/Twitter Ads – While not as effective as other forms of online advertisement, Facebook and Twitter ads will get a lot more views, due to the amount of use each site gets daily.

    - Google Analytics Consulting – Google provides a fantastic wealth of information concerning site traffic, keyword density, and a variety of other things. is your secret decoder ring to help you understand all that information.

    - Search Engine Optimization – Managing keyword density and selection to help improve your search engine ranking. This ranking determines where your website is listed in Google’s search results.

    - Intelligence Reports – An easy to understand breakdown of information like page views, social impressions, and keywords. This is essential to making smart marketing decisions.

    - Remarketing – This consists of reworking an ineffective marketing scheme into something that encourages click-throughs and purchases.

    - Each item by itself is useful for helping to improve your foot traffic or online purchases.  Together, they are the recipe for a successful and lucrative marketing campaign.

    What does Offer for Health Care Marketing?

    Health marketing is a tricky term. You want to encourage new clients to choose your practice over someone else’s, but you don’t want to make people think that you’re selling your services instead of wanting to help your patients.  It’s a fine line, and has created the perfect solution to help you balance on that line.

    In addition to the marketing tools we’ve already listed, the site offers a great number of tools designed specifically with the healthcare professional in mind, including:

    - Optimization for business and medical websites – This includes Yelp, WebMD, and Dr. Social, among others.

    - Campaign analysis – the marketing campaign is reviewed and optimized as needed by marketing professionals.

    - Analytics analysis – The previously mentioned Google analytics information is analyzed by marketing professionals and changes are made on an as-needed basis.’s ‘Light Lift’ plan is specially designed with the medical professional in mind. With a marketing plan like this, there is no need to spend your time worrying about search engine optimization, Facebook ads, or any of the thousands of little pieces that make up a successful marketing campaign.  You will have years of experience on your side, making it much easier to stop worrying about your marketing and start worrying about keeping your patients happy and healthy.


    Even if you have the skills and the know-how to run a successful marketing campaign yourself, you shouldn’t have to.  As a medical professional, your top priority should be your patients. Let healthcare marketing agencies like do the heavy lifting for you, so to speak. The results will speak for themselves, and you’ll be able to focus your attentions where they deserve to be. Sign up for a 30 days FREE TRIAL!

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