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True Human Monoclonal Antibody

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    March 4, 2015 2:37:08 PM PST

    A new class of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is under investigation for psoriasis. Categories of monoclonal antibodies include Murine: mouse Chimeric: (mouse|other| + human) Humanized: (less mouse; more human _)certain region, non-antigen binding region, the nonVariable region of the light chain; Fully Human: antibodies genetically engineered from Human genetic elements that have been produced in chinese hamster ovary cells, or other in vitro Methodoligy True Human: antibody was made in an actual human cell, "transformed," (eg. cell that became infected with Ebstein Barr virus, continued to make antibody and was then used ___(complex, techniques) in a lab . The idea is that there may be fewer antidrug antibodies against a true human antibody. I doubt this will be significant because the binding site is still foreign to other people, but time will tell what percent of those treated produce antidrug antibodies. True Human Antibody for Psoriasis.

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