Review of Brett Snodgrass

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First visit

Very nice

Very nice! got back to me asap, and showed real concern even asked for me to get back to him after I go for treatment.

How nice and welcoming was the environment (1=Very unwelcomely; 10=Lovely & professional)
How easy was it to schedule an appointment (1=Very difficult to schedule; 10=Very easy to schedule)
How punctual was the doctor (1=Over 2 hours late; 10=On time or early)
How friendly and personable was the doctor (1=Mean; 10=Very friendly)
How accurate was the doctor's assessment / diagnosis (1=Absolutely wrong; 10=Perfect diagnosis)
How effective was the doctor's treatment / plan (1=Completely ineffective; 10=It worked very well)
How much time did the doctor spend with you (1=Not enough at all; 10=Right amount of time)

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